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How Can I Stay Healthy After Menopause?
Posted on February 12, 2016 10:57 AM by Dr. Mac
Categories: Menopause
The transition of going through menopause can present many obstacles for women as they try to cope with the changes that are happening.  After menopause, feeling your best requires a disciplined effort on your part to remain at a healthy weight and follow what the doctor instructs you to do.  Dr. Mac and Kristi offer menopause treatment in Indianapolis that women can count on before, during, and after menopause.
What Works For You?
A healthy lifestyle can be a minor adjustment for some women depending on a few factors such as their lifestyle and level of discomfort.  For instance, if you already make healthy choices like not smoking and walk on a regular basis, then you will experience a smoother transition.  However, this could be difficult time if you have unhealthy eating habits and abstain from any physical activity.
Often, the key to staying healthy after menopause involves making changes that benefit your overall health.  Your diet should incorporate foods that are rich with vitamins and minerals as a well-balanced diet is highly influential in maintaining good health.  Ideally, try to choose foods low in fat, but high in fiber such as fruits, whole grains, and vegetables.  
As well, make sure you drink plenty of fluids, especially water.  Women over 50 should monitor their calorie intake and exercise accordingly to avoid gaining weight.  A low calorie intake would require a lower level of physical activity where as a high calorie intake would require a higher level.  
Change How You Feel
Beyond dieting and exercising, there may be certain supplements or medicines that your doctor prescribes for you.  These should be taken at the times noted until instructed not to and keep a record of when you experience symptoms such as hot flashes or night sweats.  Periodically, a pattern can be recognized and a change can be made to prevent this from happening or at least make it less frequent so you stay healthy after menopause.