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Will Migraines Worsen Closer To Menopause?
Posted on March 18, 2016 9:19 AM by Dr. Mac
Categories: Menopause
The cause of migraines from woman to woman is influenced by many factors with all women wanting relief they can count on.  Migraines are typically excruciating and can last for hours depending on factors such as your hormone levels, stress, diet, physical exertion, and environment.
Women who experience migraines before menopause are likely to notice them more frequently as they go through that transition.  Other women may experience no difference in their migraines during that time but recognize they are affecting their happiness.
Are Migraines Linked To Menopause?
Often, a woman will notice menopausal symptoms that tend to worsen over time without any form of treatment. Migraines are one of those symptoms that some women experience more frequently due to a sudden drop in hormone levels.  With a reduction in hormone levels, that causes an imbalance where a woman lacks the hormones her body needs.
Research shows a link between migraines and menopause in women with a history of migraines prior to menopause.  As women transitioned into menopause, the occurrence of migraines increased up to 60 percent. The key is to determine what might be triggering the migraine to happen and implement a treatment to prevent it from occurring in the first place.
With regulated hormone levels, migraines are usually less frequent or no longer an issue in women with a history of them.  Evaluate your hormone levels with blood tests, then discuss the management of your menopausal migraines with Dr. Mac or Kristi to hopefully, finally, get some relief.
David McLaughlin, MD