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Anti-Aging Clinic in Indianapolis
“The key to feeling your best starts with forming a partnership with a doctor who has experience with the safest hormone therapy options. I have been treating women with menopausal symptoms for nearly 35 years and have truly perfected the art of helping women feel like themselves again with the use of bioidentical hormone therapy.”
-- Dr. Mac
For some women, feeling older than their age is just a part of life they have learned to accept. This mindset about aging can increase the speed of the aging process. Premature aging in women may occur indirectly as a result of having their ovaries removed during a hysterectomy.  A study shows that 1 in 3 gynecologists do this to reduce a woman’s risk for breast and ovarian cancer. Yet, removal of the ovaries will cause a hormonal imbalance that can lead a decrease in quality of life. This is why women need an anti-aging clinic to help them through this phase of their lives.
How Does Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Help With Anti-Aging?
Quality of life can be a concern when a woman has a hormone level deficiency.  This can also lead to other medical problems. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) helps women establish an anti-aging plan and recover healthy estradiol levels.  Women also benefit from using bioidentical hormones as they experience no increase in arteriosclerosis, loss of bone density, and other menopausal symptoms. Women who undergo bioidentical hormone replacement therapy also notice their menopausal symptoms disappear. Dr Mac's anti-aging clinic in Indianapolis helps men and women by creating a custom plan to restore hormone levels and a youthful feeling.
What Happens Without Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?
According to one study, women who decide not to use bioidentical hormones or stop using them tend to experience a return of menopausal symptoms.  These symptoms include hot flashes, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, and a decrease in bone density.  All of these add to that feeling of aging where your daily life seems more difficult than you expect.  With a bioidentical hormone anti-aging plan, hormones are restored to adequate levels which promote a superior quality of life that helps prevent premature aging.
What Is The Next Step?
Our anti-aging plans are customized based on the hormone needs of each patient. Blood tests are used to measure estradiol, progesterone & testosterone levels.  The results are used to adjust your hormone levels and help you feel your best and improve your quality of life. Schedule a visit with Dr. Mac or Kristi to have your hormone levels measured and start a hormone replacement therapy in Indianapolis that restores the hormones you are missing.