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Start Hormone Therapy At The Right Time
Posted on May 6, 2016 9:30 AM by Dr. Mac
The decision of choosing when to get hormone therapy for alleviating menopausal symptoms varies among women.  A number of women fear menopause treatment and choose to endure the symptoms of menopause instead of opting for hormone therapy.
Unfortunately, these symptoms continue to worsen over time for many women as hormone levels decrease. Hormone replacement therapy treats menopause by returning hormone levels to where they once were prior to the start of menopause.  When will the timing be right for you to seek treatment and feel yourself again?
Your Health & Early Treatment
Typically, menopausal symptoms worsen when no corrective treatment is implemented.  Aside from that, you put yourself at a greater risk for other health conditions such as osteoporosis where bones lose density.  Menopause has a direct impact on bone density as hormones are vital to bone health and hormones diminish during menopause.
Often, fear is the reason for postponing hormone therapy as women have anxiety about the effectiveness of the treatment.  An early start to hormone therapy relieves your menopausal symptoms before they negatively affect your health.  As a result, you enjoy life without the severe menopausal symptoms that trouble some women for many years.  If this interests you, contact Dr. Mac or Kristi to address all your concerns and start menopause treatment in Indianapolis today!
Lower Your Risk For Other Complications
The initial purpose of getting hormone therapy is to relieve menopausal symptoms so your hormones stay consistently balanced.  Balanced hormone levels not only improve your quality of life but also lower your risk for other health complications.  The earlier you get hormone therapy, the sooner you get your symptoms under control and take full advantage of the health benefits that menopause treatment offers.