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Will Men Experience Male Menopause?
Posted on May 20, 2016 9:15 AM by Dr. Mac
Categories: Menopause
Male menopause is an unfamiliar term for most people as men do not experience a drastic decline in hormones the same way women do.  Male menopause or andropause refers to a gradual decline in testosterone levels as a man ages.  Declining levels of testosterone in men usually start around the age of 40 but are rarely noticeable under the age of 60.  You might be wondering, what are the symptoms of low testosterone?
Low T Symptoms
Some symptoms may be difficult to notice since the production of testosterone slowly declines over a period of many years.  In a day, total testosterone levels fluctuate with it being lowest in the evening and highest in the morning.  Low testosterone or low T can lead to feelings of fatigue, depression, weakness, and sexual problems.
Sexual problems such as infertility, a lower sex drive (decreased libido), and erectile dysfunction can all point back to a low level of testosterone.  These signs may also be caused by another condition and other men may have no symptoms at all.  The only way to properly diagnose low T or male menopause is to have a blood test ordered.  Are you seeking relief from symptoms of male menopause?
Low T Treatment In Indianapolis
A blood test measures your testosterone level to rule out any medical issues that could be partly responsible for your condition.  A medical condition could be the reason of low testosterone levels and treating this condition might raise your level of testosterone and relieve your symptoms.
The normal total testosterone level for an adult male is around 300 to 1,070 nanograms per deciliter with testosterone levels declining 1% per year after the age of 30.  If you are experiencing low testosterone, take back your vitality with a low T treatment in Indianapolis from Dr. Mac or Kristi.