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Your Emotional Health Through The Menopausal Transition
Posted on June 6, 2016 1:47 PM by Dr. Mac
Categories: Menopause
Women’s health may vary in many ways through the transition of menopause.  Rapid hormone fluctuations have a troubling effect on some women that causes them to experience new levels of unexplainable emotions.  Other women experience a smoother transition during this time without the emotional "ups and downs".
Feelings of intense sadness, irritability, and mood swings can occur around the time of menopause that ultimately have an impact on a woman’s health.  Generally, physical changes are noticed first but your emotional well-being is an important component to your health as well and should always be a concern.
Will Menopause Affect Your Emotions?
Some women have a personality of naturally being more emotional at times than others.  When hormones change, it can set off chemical changes in the brain that play a key role in controlling your mood.  If you experience mood swings before menopause then you could be more emotional through the menopausal transition.  Feeling down for a day or two could lead to more frequent feelings of anxiety, sadness, irritability, and even depression if left untreated.
Women that have their emotional health under control increase their chances to overcome challenges and recover from stressful situations.  Often, women with a greater emotional well-being maintain a positive outlook through menopause as they avoid negative mood states.  Mild emotional symptoms can be corrected with lifestyle changes by eating a healthy diet, exercising, and reducing stress.  What should you do if your emotional symptoms persist?
Improve Your Mood With Treatment
Lifestyle changes may be inadequate when attempting to improve your emotional health.  Ordinarily, hormone replacement therapy is used as an effective treatment of physical symptoms related to menopause but may help relieve emotional symptoms.  Live life to the fullest with a menopause treatment in Indianapolis from Dr. Mac or Kristi to get the relief you deserve.