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Premenstrual Syndrome

Are you experiencing bloating, breast soreness, headache every month before your period?
Are you fatigued, irritable and unable to concentrate?
You may be suffering from Premenstrual Syndrome otherwise known as PMS.
PMS is a term used to describe a group of physical or behavioral changes that some women go through before their periods each month.
The degree of symptoms varies from woman to woman. For most women, the symptoms experienced are mild. In approximately 10% of women with PMS, symptoms may be numerous and severe and defined as Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD).
Symptoms of PMS and PMDD follow a pattern:
  • They occur each month during the second part of the menstrual cycle
  • Usually last 3 to 14 days and are often relieved once menses begins
The causes of PMS and PMDD are not fully understood, but it is believed that this disorder is caused by:
  • Changing hormone levels that occur before menstruation.  These normal cyclical hormone changes may also interact with other chemicals in the body causing physical and mood symptoms.  One of these chemical is serotonin.