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Infertility Treatments in Indianapolis

Once Dr. Mac has determined the possible cause of infertility, he may prescribe medication and perform procedures to further aid/reverse the cause of infertility.
If medical treatments like hormone therapy or surgery to remove blockages are not considered options, Assistive Reproductive Technologies (ART) may be considered to increase the likelihood of successful conception and implantation.
Thought you would enjoy a new picture of the twins. They are now 5 months and starting to scoot around in their walker and play with toys. We will always remain grateful to all of you for the part you played to help us have these beautiful blessings!
Tammy and John
Dr. Mac’s successful treatment for both partners is simple, logical and practical:
  • The female partner must be able to produce eggs.  Polycystic ovaries needs to be detected and treated appropriately.
  • The female partner should also have any mechanical obstacles, such as, polyps, fibroids tubal disease or endometriosis, treated appropriately.
  • The male partner should have adequate sperm to produce conception when in contact with her eggs.  Any sperm DNA abnormalities should be detected and treated to maximize the chance of conception and delivery.
If a deficiency in egg or sperm production, or insurmountable mechanical factors are present, Dr. Mac will refer you to an IVF center to minimize your cost for possibly ineffective treatment.
Dr. Mac limits most treatment protocols to 3-6 cycles, since conception would be unlikely with more of the same treatment.  Referral to an IVF center will be offered if attempts to make the couple as normal as possible have failed to produce conception. Dr. Mac will help refer you to an IVF center which should help further your ability to conceive.  IVF costs and successes vary quite a bit (Local IVF=$12,000/ Out-of-state IVF=$3900) in addition to cycle medication, which can vary from $2,000 to $6,000.  Dr. Mac is more than willing to help monitor you during your cycle (if asked) and for the first trimester after conception.  The goal of our entire staff is to help you conceive and carry your baby to term!