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Third Party Reproduction

Third party reproduction may include using donor sperm, donor eggs or donor embryo.
How do I even begin to find a way to say thank you? I can’t fathom that there are enough words or the right words to express how grateful I am for everything you have been to me and to our family. Dr. Mac, you and your incredible staff have helped make it possible for our dream of having another child to be realized. Our first child, Isabella, was placed into our arms three years ago because of your efforts. Now, at last, our second daughter, Liliana Hope, has arrived into this world safe and perfect in every way. I know in my heart that this would have never happened if it wasn’t for your dedication, determination, wisdom and compassion. She is nothing less than a miracle and we are blessed beyond measure!
Lisa and Greg
Donor Egg
As women age, their ovarian reserve diminishes and their ovaries fail to produce mature eggs for ovulation. For years, we have been able to offer donor sperm to couples with male factor infertility.  Until recently, we have been unable to offer donor eggs due to the freezing/thawing process.
The most successful treatment is combining fresh donor eggs with the husband’s sperm. A 42 year old woman using donor eggs of a 23 year old woman has a 50% chance of pregnancy. If your ‘biologic’ clock indicates that it is unlikely you would conceive with your own eggs, and if carrying and delivering a baby is your goal, you may wish to discuss with Dr. McLaughlin the option for donor egg. Depending on your ovarian reserve, donor egg gives you a significantly improved chance to conceive.
The program requires you to select either a suitable anonymous candidate from one of several agencies or identify a known suitable donor.
The egg donor undergoes ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval while your uterine lining is synchronized to optimize implantation of the embryos produced by uniting your partner’s sperm with the donor eggs.
Donor Sperm
Donor sperm is used to treat severe male factor. An anonymous donor is selected from several sperm banks which have quarantined frozen sperm available.
Donor Embryo
Another option is “adopting” a frozen embryo from another couple who has undergone IVF and has decided their family is complete. Cryopreserved (frozen) embryos, screened for genetic abnormalities and infectious diseases, are available. The success rates are not as high as fresh donor eggs; however, for some couples this may be a more economically feasible option.
The couple applies through an agency or cryopreserved embryo storage facility. The adopted embryo is then thawed and then transferred into the adopting mother’s uterus without any further legal adoption proceedings.